IPTV Equipment

In addition to IPTV head-end technology, Nevron provides some other essential IPTV equipment that is needed for any IPTV project to be carried out successfully.

The most important part of IPTV equipment are the so-called IPTV set-top-boxes, but COAX ON enablers, IPTV switches, IPTV remote controllers, IR receivers, IR keyboards, HDMI and other types of cables are also very important equipment.

IPTV Equipment product Categories

  • DVB tuner cards and Accessories

    DVB tuner cards and Accessories

    DVB components that enable the reception of TV and radio channels from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters and the decryption of encrypted TV channels.

  • IPTV Network Accessories

    IPTV Network Accessories

    Reliable and properly configured IPTV switches and IP COAX enablers are just two of the most important IPTV network components. If a CAT5/6 network is not available, IP COAX enablers make the existing COAX infrastructure able to support IP-based data distribution.

  • Other IPTV Accessories

    Other IPTV Accessories

    Accessories for fast, simple and smooth IPTV infrastructure installation.


DVB Tuner Card (s) – PCI Tuner Card (s)

A PCI tuner card or PCI express tuner card for the reception of audio and video digital signals from digital sources such as satellites, terrestrial transmitters or cables. These digital signals are further transmitted over the IP network. The "Streamron IPTV Gateway" supports various brands of DVB tuner card(s), one of which is Digital Devices GmbH.

  • DVB-S/S2 tuner card

    DVB-S/S2 tuner card

    PCI Express and mini PCIe based DVB tuner cards for the reception of TV and radio channels from satellites (S).

  • DVB-CT tuner card

    DVB-CT tuner card

    PCI Express and mini PCIe based DVB tuner cards for the reception of TV and radio channels from terrestrial transmitters (T) or cable (C).

  • CI module

    CI module

    Common Interface expansion modules enable communication between the DVB tuner cards and CAM modules. The CI module is a piece of equipment in which the CAM module can be inserted in order to decode encrypted TV channels.

  • CAM module

    CAM module

    The conditional access module allows encrypted TV content to be decoded and viewed on TV screens or other digital devices.


IPTV Network Accessories

The IPTV network infrastructure needs to effectively support the usage of various types of communication and media-rich interactive TV services without any significant loss of picture or sound quality. Most of these IPTV services are based on the multicast and/or unicast distribution of audio and video content, which require continuously higher bandwidth capacities.

In most cases, local LANs designed to support IPTV services are composed of UTP5/6, fibre or COAX cablings. Properly configured IPTV switches are also very important components of any IPTV network infrastructure, as well as IP COAX enablers.

  • IP COAX ON enabler

    IP COAX ON enabler

    IP-based data distribution and IP-based services (internet or TV) can also be established using existing COAX infrastructure, which has to be upgraded with IP COAX ON enablers. These enablers are particularly indispensable in facilities with an already existing COAX network, where cabling renovation can be avoided with the use of this special piece of network equipment.


Other IPTV Accessories

Various IPTV accessories are required for the fast, simple and smooth installation of IPTV infrastructure. Properly selected mount holders for set-top-box or television fixtures can solve many issues, which in most cases are not even identified as a possible reason that significantly slow the process of IPTV equipment implementation.

  • STB mount holder

    STB mount holder

    The STB dedicated mount holder for fixing the set-top-box behind the television, under the desk or in any other hidden place.

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