Set Top Boxes and IPTV STB Accessories

Nevron IPTV technologies run on various types of set-top-boxes, also named Box TV or TV communicators. Nevron supports Amino set-top-boxes and its own line of Android-based IPTV STB communicators called FaSTBox. All of them are supported with various IPTV STB accessories, such as IR remote controllers, IR receivers, IR STB keyboards, cables and many other things.

  • FaSTBox


    A premium Android-based set-top-box for the most amazing hospitality or residential TV experience, including access to many OTT services. The high definition video quality is enriched by video coding features on the chipset, which ensures premium performances.

  • Amino H140

    Amino H140

    The latest set-top-box from the world’s best known STB producer Amino. The H140 is a high-definition STB that supports a range of features for the hospitality market.

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