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5 highlights of 5G and IPTV

With a promising increase of bandwidth, 5G becomes an alternative to cable data networks in hotels IPTV systems. Normally, expert network design, cabling and network gear installation are required to allow digital data in hotels. 5G in the IPTV hospitality industry reduce those expenses down to simply having a data plan from a 5G operator and switching to devices supporting 5G.

5G adoption to take off in 2021

Estimated 5G adoption rate by Statista.

Your own 5G network

5G network slicing

ITU comparison of 4G vs 5G service isolation.

Network slicing is a new SDN technique used in 5G standard for IPTV. It allows to run parallel network configurations with isolated traffic on the same physical layer. For a hotel it means that they have a wireless equivalent of cable IP network in the form of a virtualized network slice. Firewall rules, QoS settings, fixed bandwidth, IP range and other parameters can be configured as hotel needs. Other networks sharing the same physical layer will not interfere.

Ultra HD content and cloud applications in 5G IPTV environment

5G is a wireless “InfiniBand” that will certainly expand edge-computing based or heavy traffic and latency-sensitive applications.

Providing data to intelligent devices wireleesly - 5G in IPTV opportunities

Cloud-based heavy computation can provide data to intelligent devices wirelessly, like this 5G Welcoming Robot.

5G in uses formed beam and MIMO techniques to maximize utilization of available spectrum. As a result, data can burst over the channel with greater precision and less distortions. Heavy traffic from cloud-based applications or high-definition 4K streams now can be massively delivered over the air. Hotels can now deploy their server-client applications like PMS, HMS, BMS or 5G IPTV solution in a cloud, without compromising service quality or availability.

Real-time responsiveness

Low latency being a privileged luxury in previous generations, becomes a standard in 5G and also in IPTV environment. Enjoy fast channel zapping in cloud-based Hotel TV, experience cloud hotel management system, VR, AR and AI cloud applications as if they were installed on a local server. All without cables, high-bandwidth uplink switch or expensive SLA with a low latency network provider.

Invest in guest experience, not in wires

 Optimize your business wirelessly with 5G IPTV solutions

Hotels can get rid of such bulky things as switch arrays and use 5G radio instead.

5G reduce TCO of hotel data network, allowing more investment resources to be put into actual guest experience solutions instead of focusing on building an infrastructure. With cables out of the way, SDN philosophy can help 5G in IPTV reveal its rich capabilities. The hotel is no longer tied to existing topology, edge switches specifications or number of RJ-45 outlets. Coupled with freedom to manipulate a network slice, wireless approach opens doors for many new apps.

Intelligent hotel with 5G IPTV system

Step in futuristic hotel in China

With significantly less limitations on number of connected devices and massively improved bandwidth, 5G enables much more IoT sensors and actuators to control entire building. Advanced logging, analyzing, and managing solutions connected to IoT devices can reveal more ways of optimizing costs and providing a better guest experience.

Smart room integration - connect all features in one data center

Samsung ARTIK diagram, showing lighting, curtains, HVAC and TV controlled via cloud app.

Collect data, analyze it, optimize hotel management and personalize the guest experience in more exciting ways. By using 5G in IPTV solutions, hotel can get a feel of guests and provide independent, unique experience that each of them adores.

Instead of a complicated set of protocols, connecting gateways and cables use one unified RF spectrum of 5G as a medium and stream all data to the cloud and back to operate GRMS, IPTV, HVAC, PACS, PMS, VoIP and other solutions.

How to take advantage of wireless solutions in your organization?

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