Evaluating an Interactive TV Solution for Your Cruiser?

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EVERYTHING you need to consider before making a decision.


Buying or replacing iTV is a huge deal for any company, so you better do it right, as the consequences can be enormous. Unfortunately, it is also quite different from hospitality solutions, so not every hospitality solution will fit. Let’s check a list you need to consider before you make a decision.

Branded User Interface

We will start with the one no one forgets: checking the user interface. Do you like it? Can you easily modify it to match your brand and preferences? Can your iTV vendor modify it in a way that you want? Also, check if the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Internet Conectivity

Cruisers might have very low bandwidth or have no internet conectivity at all (at least on the open sea). How does this affect your iTV solution? Will absence of internet affect the other functionalities of the system?

TV Coverage

But, the internet is not the only issue at sea. There could be also a problem with the coverage or the content rights of specific TV channels. How the solution informs guests about the temporary unavailability of all those functions? Proper information can significantly decrease guest dissatisfaction and unnecessary calls to your staff.

Out-of-Box Solution

Can your iTV vendor provide an out-of-box solution, or is the solution a mix of building blocks from their solution and a 3rd party? The question is important, as some 3rd party solutions are closed systems that are very difficult to manage. So, how do they resolve system bugs, security threats, new requirements, and maintainance of those 3rd party solutions? You’ve probably heard this already: when an error occurs the problem always lies with the 3rd party. . . or at least they say so. Nevertheless, having an in-house solution can significantly reduce response times.

Security and Reliability

Can an iTV vendor provide server separation and redundancy if an error occurs with minimal or no effect on the solution?


Your vessel’s IT system is a complex one and works much better if all parts of the system are integrated together and working as one. How does an iTV solution fit in? Does it have API integrations to all of your systems (e.g. ship back-end, PMS, announcement system – mute, GPS location, CCTV, etc.). If not, will the vendor do the integration and under what conditions?

Hidden Costs

A lot of iTV vendors offer you a great deal. . . until you find out it is not. Always ask what the price includes. Are there any costs that CAN occur after the deal is done (e.g. do you have full access to the system or you will be charged for each content upload)? Let the iTV vendor specify to you all potential costs.

Customer Support

Never settle with mediocre customer support, at least in the beginning phase of the project. It is very important that the iTV vendor is really responsive, that it helps you with onboarding to the iTV solution, or they have a great knowledge base. Otherwise you will have a system but no one will manage it, and consequentially no one will use it. This is a real life scenario everyone should avoid like the plague, and the outcome might be even worse than having no iTV at all.

Variety of Functionality

The next question is the most common one, and the one where there will probably be the fewest differences. What functionality and entertainment options does the vendor offer (e.g. live TV, Timeshift, VOD, Games, AOD, Services, Info, etc.)? Also, don’t forget to ask if the solution has trip itineraries and analytics to find out what guests are buying/watching the most. Those features can significantly increase your revenue.

Easy to Use

The solution can have all functional requirements, but can still be difficult to manage or it is just too technical. Does it have any neat features to help administrators work faster and more efficiently (e.g. easy content import from a device, hints and tips, etc.)? If the administrator has too much work with the content, well, in the end there will be no content at all, and neither you nor your guests will be happy with that.


How can you monetize and advertise with the iTV solution? What are the best practices to maximize the outcome? In the end you want the solution that adds something to your business. Guest satisfaction is of course one of them, but the question remains: how can I increase revenue from happy guests?


You will always sleep easier if you choose a proven vendor. Do they have any maritime references and how long do they serve those companies? Do they have any testimonials? Any kind of information makes the big picture clearer.

Join a cruise industry event

One of the best options to evaluate and compare vendors is visiting an event. Seatrade Cruise Global is one of the most significant worldwide events in the cruise industry, where you can find a vendor that suits your needs. You can reserve a meeting with us at booth #1617, between 8-11 April 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a solution you won’t be able to turn down.

We will be also offering a voucher towards the purchase of software in the amount of $10.000 (yes, ten thousand dollars!) for projects over $70,000 (hardware included) valid for one year! No small print, no beating around the bush. All you need is to arrange a meeting or stop by our booth #1617 and answer a few questions.

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