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IPTV/OTT technology has so much to offer that at some point it may become difficult to gather everything in one place so that administrators, editors and users can easily access, manage and monitor everything.

Thanks to WEB technology and a variety of iOS and Android UI frameworks used by IPTV Portal, it is possible to provide a truly multi-cross platform, multilingual interface with great usability featuring a lot of options for customization. Such interface can provide access to all services of an IPTV/OTT solution and its management on any device via web browser or native application, would it be:

  • STB,
  • Smart TV,
  • Smart phones,
  • Tablets,
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • or even Gaming consoles.

Nevron IPTV Portal on TV screen

Cross-platform Accessibility

Having the ability to play media content on any screen or device, even on the one you carry in your pocket, stretches your freedom of fulfilling your pastimes with your favourite movies, TV shows and other media when and where you desire. For administrators of IPTV/OTT solutions which provide all the richness of digital entertainment to your screen, it is far more convenient to manage all the IPTV/OTT components like audio/video streamers or IPTV/OTT middleware via one unified backend office – regardless the OS, model or producer of your device.

As long as you have an up-to-date web browser and access to Internet on your device, you can access IPTV/OTT Portal and all IPTV services provided.

Nevron IPTV Portal an Apple Iphone

Modular Architecture of IPTV end-to-end Solution makes it easier

HTML5, iOS and Android UI frameworks provide certain freedom for the development of the design and logic of the IPTV Portal user interface.

IPTV Portal uses this advantage to the extent where it becomes possible to gather together all services provided by certain IPTV/OTT system, or easily add more services like Cloud Gaming. IPTV Portal with modular architecture and united backend office:

  • can be easily modified,
  • enables to add new services and support more media types,
  • introduces better approach to system management,
  • enhances user experience.

Such architecture of multi-cross IPTV/OTT platform allows flawless integration of new services such as e-shops, food ordering, catalogues and other cross-sales and promotion tools that generate extra revenue, which is in high demand by the hospitality industry. Ancillary bookings represent a significant opportunity to add revenue while increasing guest engagement.

Get the Security of Server Driven User Interface

Content and styling of IPTV Portal built on SDUI principles are provisioned by the server backend. The client devices and native apps will get an updated version of interface every time they establish connection to the server.

Proprietary interfaces are much less flexible and not as easily updated, since they are hardcoded to the client devices and are written for a specific platform.

On the contrary, HTML5 and mobile OS framework based IPTV Portal is obviously more secure.

It is based on standards used everywhere and most security or performance issues are fixed in a swift manner with prompt updates and notification of users and administrators, while fanciest design and usability features are implemented earlier, compared to proprietary interfaces.

Custom IPTV viewing portal

Interactive IPTV portal is a big promo tool

For IPTV/OTT systems the use of interactive IPTV Portal is obviously a big advantage – IPTV/OTT aims to replace classic media broadcast solutions with providing interactivity and flexibility which older systems like CATV, VCR, DVD are not capable of.

IPTV Portal is no more simply a replacement of a TV set. Instead, it is a hub for media entertainment services, shopping, events announcement, room services and much more.

Nevron IPTV Portal on TV screen


For users it is a convenient way of having access to their favourite media content. And for operators, hotels and content providers it is a powerful revenue-generating tool that is easily adjusted when situation on the market and interests of the intended audience are changed.

Do you feel inspired about using the IPTV Portal? Nevron IPTV products are optimized to be effectively used in various industries. Contact us today and get a free demonstration of a well-balanced IPTV Portal. A lot of hoteliers, cruise ship builders and telecom operators are already maximizing the utilization and profitability of their assets and network infrastructure with the help of Nevron IPTV system.

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