How to Improve Guest Experience with Technology – Part 2

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Technology for Hotel Guests: How to Help Them Have the Memorable Experience

Panelist at HOW Festival 2018 in Porec, Peter Lösch[1], Director of Maistra Luxury Division[2], said that hotels are playing it safe, meaning that they use technology only when it’s widely accepted by majority.

Based on our experience, we agree with that. Nowadays, more and more hotels require Interactive TV (ITV), not just for 4K or HD channels, but also to use a big TV screen as a new tool for advertising services in guests’ rooms to leverage that in order to increase guest experience.

Interesting data was presented from panelist Andrew Aley[3],who is the Regional Director for EMEA at TripAdvisor Experiences[4]. Their data showed that 85% of guests plan their activities while they are at the hotel and not sooner, and 50 % of their users used the button ‘show activities nearby,’ which gives hotels an opportunity to increase their revenue by recommending nearby services, for example over the Nevron ITV advertising platform.

Source: HOW Festival, 2018

Besides recommending local services, they can leverage ITV to upsell and cross-sell their own services and products. Upselling encourages guests to buy a comparable high-end product than the one he is looking at, while cross-selling offers guests the possibility of buying related or complementary items.

Both offers have distinct benefits and can be very effective in tandem. That could sound a little intimidating for someone who doesn’t know how to use those in practice.

Staff need to know what guests like so they know what to offer them. To know what they like, they need to talk to them or observe them. They constantly need to be able to recognize the opportunity to provide a memorable guest experience. This requires a lot of time and expertise in human behavior. In luxury hotels they have concierges who do that, but not all hotels can afford it, so others need to have those skills. Besides doing their job, they also need to be a psychologist, marketer, and analyst.

Why not rather leave that to technology like HRS, which can gather guest preferences across an entire property? For example, you can know what guests ate and what services they used, and offer upsell and cross-sell products in their room on their TV or smart phones through an ITV solution.

Such systems also help staff to use a more personalized approach with the guests by offering the services they would like, for example by offering them their favorite wine. That can result in a great guest experience, and then it is more likely they will become a returning guest.

Nevron Interactive TV – Shop Module

Panelists confirmed that they would gladly use communication tools that can be used between guests. They also mentioned that probably in the future there may be a need for a staff member whose only responsibility is to talk and give companionship to guests who travel alone. A chat app could fill that gap. If guests would allow their preferences to be seen, other guests could see who else in the hotel is going to the same museum or conference, and invite them to go together.

Guests like to use new technology in hotels. Sabina Bartyzel from Accor Hotels said that in their hotels 47 % guests do online check-ins, and 97% do online check-out.
Some would argue that this kind of technology doesn’t suit luxury hotels because there is no personal approach. It’s about having a choice.

If a guest is extraverted, then he or she would probably rather chat with receptionist and would still have a great guest experience. If a guest is introverted and doesn’t like to talk to others, why not also give him/her the best check-in experience? Or maybe someone who is in a hurry or tired?

Not to mention long check-out lines, even if all receptionists are working and trying hard to quickly release you from the hotel. That reminds us of long lines in front of municipal offices when you wanted to get some papers. Nowadays, even they have most of the forms online. If hotels want to give an even more personalized approach, then they need to have knowledge and tools to be able to do so.

Read also how technology, specifically interactive TV, can help hotel staff to increase the overall guest experience.


[1] Peter Lösch

[2] Maistra d.d. (Adris group)

[3] Andrew Aley

[4] TripAdvisor

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