Co-financing of the project Nevron Go Digital: Project of Digital Marketing of Nevron IPTV Products 2017-2018



In the context of the Public tender for establishing or upgrading »E-commerce 2017-2018», we gained the co-financing of the project Nevron Go Digital: Project of Digital Marketing of Nevron IPTV Products 2017-2018.

With this project we will:
- improve the electronic data exchange between partners (We will transform the existing business environment and establish a system for the electronic exchange of internationally standardized e-offers and e-orders with our partners and customers around the world.)
- modernize the website for the promotion and sale of our products on foreign markets (The renewed website will be carefully planned according to the latest marketing strategies and approaches. It will contain everything needed for expanding into new markets and increasing sales on existing markets.)
- establish an online store for certain types of products (We will optimize orders and payments in this way, and at the same time attract new partners and even competitive companies, which will be able to buy some elements of a comprehensive IPTV solution from us.)
- produce a product-sale video for the efficient promotion of the Nevron IPTV solution (Partners will be able to view the video at the time and place of their choice. It will be used for promotion on all digital channels and events for attracting more and higher-quality contacts. At the same time, we will produce videos showing possibilities for increasing added value in hotels with the usage of Nevron IPTV solutions and will prompt a need for the renewal and implementation of the new IPTV system.)

In addition, in order to strengthen the employees' competencies, we will hold training for the efficient exploitation of all newly implemented systems and new sales levers and strategies, including performing on social networks, online e-markets and other e-sales channels.

With this project, we will refresh and modernize digital communication channels, which will be reflecting our quality and excellence on the one hand, and will be adapted to the modern requirements of our partners on the other.

"The investment is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Slovenia."

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