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We own deep IPTV knowhow and share it freely. We have experience, we are flexible, we study each IPTV project carefully, we provide full support at each stage of your IPTV project and finally, we provide a full range of state-of-the-art in-house developed IPTV technologies. In short: "We make IPTV happen".

Nevron officeNevron IPTV, EUROPEAN UNION, is a worldwide IPTV provider focusing on delivering reliable, fast, simple to manage and easy to use IPTV technologies, indispensable for enabling attractive entertainment, connective and informative services that are accessible on the users’ TV screens.

Streamron IPTV Gateway (enables the broadcast of TV and radio channels over an IP network), Streamron IPTV VOD (enables on demand access to movies and music) and Nevron middleware IPTV (enables an interactive TV portal with access to a wide variety of entertainment, communication and informative applications) are first-class IPTV technologies, essential to establishing a successful IPTV business, running the most effective IPTV eco-system and providing top-rated interactive TV services.

Providing in-house developed technologies for the entire IPTV eco-system brings a range of advantages for customers of Nevron IPTV products, such as superior support services based on deep technical knowhow of the provided technologies, the ability to form tailor-made and flexible business models or to respond rapidly to new market demands.

Nevron is present around the globe through its distribution network of dedicated business partners. With top quality products, highly personalized support, efficient distribution methods, constant availability and the readiness to adapt to specific partner needs, Nevron’s presence on the global market grows rapidly.

Special attention is dedicated to satisfying the needs of hospitality-based customers, such as hotels, cruise ships and hospitals, along with small hotels with up to 30, 20 or even only 10 rooms. The Nevron IPTV eco-system's top performances and system simplicity enables easy, fast and cost-effective system uptake.

Along with Nevron’s dedication to constant innovation and development according to on-going research and customer feedback, Nevron is also devoted to being part of the new business paradigm, which can contribute to making our world better, which is defined in the company mission statements and policy.

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