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Nevron is sailing the digital seas by offering entertainment that adds to the food, pools, and cabarets. We are there so your guests get the full experience, one worthy of explaining to their family, friends, and unfortunate strangers waiting for the bus, who can’t imagine anyone speaking that much. The results of those debates are full ships and upward arrows on your presentation graphs.

We offer rock solid and easy to use and maintain maritime interactive TV solution (ITV) that covers in-cabin entertainment. In addition to that, it offers all kinds of information in the palm of the hand, lots of options for sales and advertising, and much, much more. We are known for the extra mile effort that we put in our customer satisfaction.

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So if you don’t like changes and you are happy with moderate income, you are welcome to ignore this, otherwise:

you will be happy to hear that we will help you solve almost all your challenges (without much hassle) at the Seatrade Cruise Global 2019 – Booth #1617, which will be held in Miami from April 8-11.

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P.S.: We said almost all challenges, as we still don't solve problems in the house or with your children, but you are welcome to ask next year.

P.S.S.: If you are on our e-mailing list you know that this year, for obvious reasons, we won't be serving whale sushi. For others, this is a good opportunity to subscribe and be informed about . . . well almost everything.


By sumbitting this form you agree with our privacy policy.

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