The Education TV Industry

IPTV technologies have revolutionised the distribution of TV channels in educational environments as well. IP enabled improvements to video creation, editing and distribution related to educational TV system brings benefits to all educational premises, from pupils, students and other learners, to campuses and dorm residents.

" Taking advantages of video as most appealing content for education. "

With the Nevron IPTV products, training and accommodation experiences can be improved. Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD are essential for training experience improvement while Nevron Hospitality TV is essential for improving the comfort of pupil accommodation.

Relevant Environments

There exist many types of educational facilities that can greatly benefit from enabling a modern educational TV system. The most recognizable educational environments are campuses, student dorms, colleges and schools.


student dorms



training institutions

campuses student dorms colleges schools training institutions

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Training Experience Improvement

The creation and distribution of various educational TV/radio channels or educational A/V content on demand represent an ideal form of school syllabus enhancement. Pupils and students can access educational video content on displays all over the campus or in any other educational environment, live or on-demand.

" Lectures can be broadcast live to any PC or TV connected to the educational environment network. "

An educational TV system is also most beneficial for following live broadcast lectures outside the classroom. Especially for dislocated training units or pupils, these type of training save time and costs for both students and lecturers. Recorded lessons can be accessed on demand and can also serve as a material for training discussions.

" The distribution of a great variety of educational TV channels is finally possible. "

A modern TV system inside an educational environment could also be most efficient for the distribution of any other video content as well as educational material. Study related news and information in video format can be displayed on TV screens all over the campus and student video content can be shared on public displays.

Accommodation Experience Improvement

Providing pupils staying in campuses or dorms with an advanced TV system greatly improves their accommodation experience. Access to entertainment, communication, educational and informative services over different media is essential for the younger generations, skilled as navigating through almost any modern user applications. Access to interactive services on the TV portal is no exception. Navigating through TV channels, VOD, YouTube and other smart TV apps are just some of the options available over the Nevron TV portal.

Explore Nevron's streaming and IPTV middleware products

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway

    The fundamental product of any IPTV project with requirements for the IP based distribution of live TV channels received from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters. It also enables the live distribution of custom made TV channels from file playlists. Educational environments especially can benefit greatly from the creation of their own training TV channels based on custom made TV files.

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    An indispensable part of educational IPTV projects where video and/or audio content has to be available. Related to educational environments, VOD can be used for on demand access to training video content.

  • Nevron Hospitality TV

    Nevron Hospitality TV

    An educational TV solution for training environments, in most cases used for accommodation facilities in campuses. Nevron educational TV is a special version of the Nevron Hospitality TV solution, configured to the needs of student homes and similar accommodation facilities.

  • All-In-One Hospitality TV

    All-In-One Hospitality TV

    A fully functional IPTV solution for smaller student dorms or campuses. All the required IPTV software is installed on one physical server, along with the Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD. The system is installed locally.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    A limited version of Axon middleware that enables display and control over broadcast TV and radio channels. It is a companion product to the Streamron IPTV Gateway which enables navigation between TV channels.

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