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The current hotel business environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest's expectations for special care and personalized treatment are ever increasing. The hospitality & accommodation industry is challenged to recognize guests’ needs soon enough and fulfil these needs in the most professional manner.

Nevron IPTV products are the perfect choice for the hospitality industry to fulfil guests’ essential expectations and to raise its comfort and satisfaction level.

Relevant Businesses

The hospitality industry can include many businesses, among which the most important are hotels, tourist resorts, boutique hotels, apartment buildings and villages or villas.


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Nevron d.o.o. provides the superior Nevron Hospitality TV hotel TV system, which represents a perfect tool to spoil your guests even more, to make their stay more comfortable, to increase the level of their satisfaction and finally to make them your faithful guests. On the other hand, the Nevron hotel TV system enables the establishment of additional revenue streams by providing new payable services and especially with the promotion of existing hotel services and facilities that enhance hotel profits and reduce its operational expenses.

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The Benefits of a Hotel TV System

Guest satisfaction represents the top priority of any accommodation-related business. A satisfied guest is best guarantee for this guest to return again, or even to become a regular client and spread the good word around. A satisfied guest will also take additional hotel services sooner and more often, especially if this guest is properly informed about additional hotel services.

" Guest satisfaction is all that counts. "

Basically any hotel, resort or any other accommodation-related activity should be undertaken to help increasing the guest's satisfaction. Hotel TV is not an exception. Even to the contrary! With the proper use of a hotel TV system, guest satisfaction can be improved significantly.

" Get closer to your guests. "

Guest satisfaction can be also improved by providing entertainment, informative and communicative services on the television screens inside the guest's room or in public places of the accommodation facility. Such in-room services contribute to the good feelings and greater comfort of the guests while spending time in their rooms. Most common TV services represent access to a wide choice of live TV channels and films on demand, which also represents an additional revenue channel for a hotel.

" Enhance profits and reduce operational expenses. "

The usage of promotional tools available as part of the hotel TV system is an even more positive influence on the guests’ satisfaction level. Such tools are ideal for promoting hotel facilities and services, some of which could even be additionally charged for, such as wellness, restaurant or sports services, organized events, etc. In some cases it is just enough to remind guest about the available facilities and services.

" Let guests know that you care about them. "

A most beneficial tool, which can be effectively integrated within the hotel TV system, is the so-called "satisfaction tracking system". Its role is to constantly track the guest satisfaction level and to gather guests opinion upon hotel services, hotel facilities and many other guest satisfaction related attributes.

Explore relevant IPTV Products

Nevron Hospitality TV is powered by the in-house developed Streamron and Axon technologies. On choosing Nevron Hospitality TV, you will get even closer to your guests, become much more aware of their needs and therefore able to fulfil their expectations and eventually to make them your most faithful clients.

  • Nevron Hospitality TV

    Nevron Hospitality TV

    Hotel TV solution for middle sized and large hotels, tourist resorts and apartment villages, where the whole system is installed locally.

  • All-In-One Hospitality TV

    All-In-One Hospitality TV

    Fully functional hotel TV solution for boutique hotels, villas and smaller apartments. All the required IPTV software is installed on one physical server, along with the Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD. The solution is established locally.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    A limited version of Axon middleware that enables display and control over broadcast TV and radio channels. It is available for any hospitality businesses.

  • Nevron IPTV Cloud

    Nevron IPTV Cloud

    A centralized hospitality TV solution that can be established by an IPTV provider for the needs of business clients. This solution is suitable for any hospitality businesses with an available broadband connection to the centralized IPTV solution. Within the Nevron IPTV Cloud, all the available Axon TV apps are available.

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Companion product for any hospitality IPTV project with requirements for distributing live TV channels from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters.

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    An indispensable part of hospitality IPTV projects where movie and/or music content has to be available for guests. The video on demand service represents one of the fundamental hospitality IPTV services.


" Let a SMALL hotel become BIG. "

Even smaller hotels can benefit significantly from the proper usage of a hotel TV system, especially with the promotion of services, events and other tourist attractions in their neighbourhood, which can again result in even greater guest satisfaction levels and increase the income and wealth of the hotel and local businesses. Choose the All-In-One Hospitality TV and allow your hotel to become BIG.

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