IPTV Client Segmentation

Nevron IPTV products are optimized to be effectively used in various industries. Simple configuration procedures enable fast and easy system adjustments to the needs and characteristics of the specific IPTV industry or IPTV client.

  • The Hospitality TV Industry

    The Hospitality TV Industry

    Hotels, tourist resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, villas and other hospitality businesses.

  • The Maritime TV Industry

    The Maritime TV Industry

    Cruise ships, river cruise ships, cargo ships, ferryboats, oil rigs and other maritime businesses.

  • The Healthcare TV Industry

    The Healthcare TV Industry

    Hospitals, medical centres, retirement homes and other healthcare businesses.

  • The Education TV Industry

    The Education TV Industry

    Campuses, student dorms, colleges, school, training institutions and other education businesses.

  • The Corporate TV Industry

    The Corporate TV Industry

    Banks, insurances, factories, shopping centres and other corporate businesses.

  • The Residential TV Industry

    The Residential TV Industry

    Residential areas, living apartments, villas and other residential oriented businesses.

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