The Maritime TV Industry

The maritime industry includes businesses on the sea, lakes or rivers. For the most part these businesses are run on vessels, such as cruise ships, cargo ships, ferryboats or yachts. Oil rigs and other sea platforms represent a minor portion of the maritime TV industry, but are equally eager for TV systems to be available for entertainment, informative and communication needs.

The Nevron TV system, run by Nevron IPTV products, fulfils the expectations of passengers and crew on various kinds of vessels and the working staff on floating platforms like oil rigs. Special attention is devoted to tourist passengers on cruise ships, where satisfaction during their stay on the vessel is crucial for the success of the cruise operator.

Since the working staff is not able to leave the vessel after their working hours, an ever higher level of comfort has to be provided for them. Access to TV channels and the internet are just some of basic services accessible on the TV screens in the privacy of crew cabins.

Relevant Businesses

Many businesses can be included in the maritime industry, among which the most important are tourist ships, cargo ships, ferryboats and even oil rigs.

cruise ships

river cruise ships

cargo ships


oil rigs

cruise River-Cruise-Ship cruise ships Ferryboat Oil-Rig

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Passenger Satisfaction

The value of good communication between the crew staff and passengers is in most cases even more important than between a hotel and its guests. While passengers are most of the time restrained within the boundaries of the vessel, special care has to be devoted to them while spending time in their cabins.

" Passenger satisfaction is of primary importance for any cruise ship business. "

A modern TV system for maritime environments should not just serve as an entertainment channel, but much more as the main communication portal between the cruise operator and the passengers. A communication portal in the form of an interactive TV in the privacy of the passenger cabins has to combine all the information related to the passenger’s stay on the cruise ship and continuously inform him/her about the happenings on the ship or any other information related to a particular passenger. One of the main TV system roles is to continuously collect passenger opinions about their stay on the ship and to react rapidly in the case of some negative response or a simple request.

" Stay close to your passengers during their whole stay."

A modern TV system, as provided by Nevron Hospitality TV, can contribute to increasing passengers satisfaction levels to a great extent. To feel like someone special, whose issues will try to be resolved instantly and with care, leaves unforgettable memories and creates customers who will come back or will at least recommend traveling with your cruise ship to their relatives, friends, colleagues or co-workers.

Crew and Staff Satisfaction

The crew and staff on ships, boats or oil rigs work hard during their working hours. Far from home, any available entertainment or communication service or tool, especially in the privacy of their cabins, is of great importance for their positive feelings and good physical condition.

" Make your crew and staff feel good and satisfied working for you. "

Access to entertainment, informative and communication tools, which are part of any modern TV system, makes such a system of primary importance for use in crew cabins. The ability to regularly communication with families from the privacy of their rooms is especially appreciated by the staff. Nowadays access to TV channels alone is not what it is expected from cabin televisions.

Explore relevant IPTV Products

  • Nevron Hospitality TV

    Nevron Hospitality TV

    The Ship TV solution for vessels and platforms on the sea or rivers. Nevron vessel TV is a special version of the Nevron Hospitality TV solution, configured for the needs of maritime businesses.

  • All-In-One Hospitality TV

    All-In-One Hospitality TV

    A fully functional TV solution for smaller ships and other vessels. All the required IPTV software is installed on one physical server, along with the Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    A limited version of Axon middleware that enables display and control over broadcast TV and radio channels. It is available for any maritime businesses.

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway

    A companion product for any maritime IPTV project with requirements for the distribution of live TV channels from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters.

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    An indispensable part of maritime IPTV projects where movie and/or music content has to be available for guests and business personnel. The video on demand service represents one of the fundamental maritime IPTV services.

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