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During a stay in hospital or any other medical centre, a certain level of comfort is expected for patients. Private health centres especially are expected to provide patients with conveniences that can greatly make a stay away from home more pleasant. Modern patient TV systems are a unique tool to satisfy such expectations.

" Patient satisfaction level is one of the most important service quality indicators of any medical centre. "

Medical centres are constantly searching for how to increase patient satisfaction levels. Beside successful and quality medical treatment, patients expect professional and pleasant medical personal along with a high level of comfort and access to various modern conveniences.

" Hospitals with modern TV system will be more likely recommended to others. "

One of the most important conveniences, which greatly contribute to the level of patient comfort, is access to modern entertainment, information and communication services. In hospitals and medical centres, all such services and tools can be provided to patients with a state-of-the-art hospital TV system such as the medical version of Nevron Hospitality TV.

Relevant Businesses

Hospitals, medical centres and retirement homes are some of most evident healthcare businesses that can greatly exploit the capabilities of a modern medical TV system.


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Improved Patient Control

Being in a hospital and away from home is a very stressful time for a person. In most cases, patients feel helpless. While their personal health or even their life is at stake, patients are eager for any information about their disease or injury, medical conditions, current healing improvements, following treatment procedures and other information regarding their medical treatment. Access to this information can be achieved simply with the integration of a medical TV system using Nevron medical IT systems.

" Patients expect more comfort, more control over their health and more capabilities. "

Being able to track their current medical conditions, to learn about their disease or injury and to be involved more deeply in their treatment procedures make patients confident with the medical treatment and empowered over further healing and their stay in the medical centre.

Improved Patient Connectivity

While in hospital, the need for communication with family members also arises. Constant communication availability with family members, using various communications tools such as Skype, email and similar, could also be easily made available to patients through the Nevron medical TV system.

" Constant access to family members and medical personal improves patient confidence. "

A medical TV system allows patients to access medical personnel more easily. Using a nurse-call button, a request for health or comfort can be made, such as a request for an extra pillow, a drink, bed cleaning, the availability for meal selection and similar.

Improved Patient Comfort

Lying in bed for one or more days means a lot of spare time. Access to the many entertainment and informative services, especially access to the internet, makes time go faster for any patient using these smart TV services. Forgetting about their health issues while watching a movie or surfing the internet can be highly beneficial for patients, partly so they don’t have to think about their problems all the time.

Improved Patient Care

While many patient needs and expectations are fulfilled by access to a modern medical TV system, medical staff can concentrate more on medical care.

" Patient satisfaction means that medical staff can concentrate on medical care. "

Patient care can also be improved due to deeper patient involvement in the healing process itself. Based on all the information that is accessible over the medical TV system, a patient can have more understanding about medical personnel decisions and procedures.

Improved Care for the Elderly

A special group of Nevron medical TV system users are elder people in retirement homes. While some technical skills are required to navigate smart TV menus on a TV screen, TV systems for retirement homes mostly limited to basic functionalities. Among other things, a personnel button functioning as a nurse-call button can be used most efficiently.

Explore relevant IPTV Products

  • Nevron Hospitality TV

    Nevron Hospitality TV

    A medical TV solution for hospitals and medical centres. Nevron medical TV is a special version of the Nevron Hospitality TV solution, configured to the needs of hospitals, dorms and other medical centres.

  • All-In-One Hospitality TV

    All-In-One Hospitality TV

    A fully functional IPTV solution for smaller hospitals and medical centres. All the required IPTV software is installed on one physical server, along with the Streamron IPTV Gateway and Streamron IPTV VOD. The system is installed locally.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    A limited version of Axon middleware that enables display and control over broadcast TV and radio channels. This limited Axon GUI is especially suitable for elderly people with less technical skills needed for navigating through interactive TV menus.

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway

    A companion product for any healthcare IPTV project with requirements for the distribution of live TV channels from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters.

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    An indispensable part of medical IPTV projects where movie and/or music content has to be available for the patients or elderly people. The video on demand service represents one of the fundamental maritime IPTV services.


A Variety of TV Services

The Nevron Hospitality TV medical TV system comes with variety of interactive services accessible on the TV beside a patient’s bed or inside a room in a retirement home. Assess to TV channels, video on demand, internet, meal menus and other medical centre information, staff connectivity, surveys about staff, treatments and other aspects of their stay are just some of available apps and services on a medical smart TV screen.

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