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Have your work sail overseas, host in luxury hotels and help in hospitals.

Nevron is a successful worldwide IPTV provider with 20 years of experience in developing complex IPTV products. We are present around the globe, managing IPTV technologies and realizing reliable, innovative and attractive solutions of interactive services through TV screens and other user interface devices.

Our work environment is dynamic but nevertheless relaxed. We can achieve our objectives only with a highly-motivated and expert team and our employees are therefore offered the possibility to engage in additional training while we also see to a good work climate. 

We're hiring!

Are you curious, what IPTV is? Come join in and create the future with us!

Do you love to write creative texts in English and would like to become the creator of the main story of our high tech-company?
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FrontEnd / Backend / FullStack developer
Join the best team and advance in your career!
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Are you a highly driven, passionate thinker, a fast traveller through vibes and spheres and other mind-galaxies? Do you always have an idea or two in your pocket, but you don't match any of the open positions? No problem! Here at Nevron, we're always happy to read creative e-mails, so please make our day by sending your CV facts and other interesting info to pggjdfAofwspo/tj.

Benefits of working here

The industry of the future.
Our journey has just begun, there is so much we want to do. We create the new generation of IPTV solutions.

Presence around the world.
We work in multinational environment, our customers are renowned companies from Europe to Asia and all in-between.

Where every individual counts.
Good vibes matter, we work hard to make sure life at Nevron is good from top to bottom, start to finish.

The dreams of tomorrow.
Our work is exploratory, creative and exciting. Out-of-the-box dreamers warmly welcome.

We have mission and vision.
The most interesting things happen when you have courage – we do not fear the future and wish to co-create it.

We're moving the limits of IPTV technologies into new spheres.

We're the best team

Ambitious and fun.
A hard-driving, fun and caring environment. Cool colleagues to work and have fun with!

Personal and career development.
Here at Nevron, you will find a collaborative environment where experimentation is encouraged and mistakes are learning opportunities.

Safety and reliability.
The culture here is one of trust, flexibility and inclusion. Stress forbidden.

Building your career.
Since we are small and growing you will be given endless opportunities to grow in your current areas of expertise and well beyond.

Flexi work hours and flexi salaries.
We're offering you a workday by your choice. We will reward you for your contributions over the long term.
Custom contracts. You can sign a full-time contract with us or cooperate as an s. p.

Office goodies.
We do everything we can to help you work and feel your best: free coffee and sweeties for hedonists and healthy snacks for sport addicts.

"Nevron is an excellent environment for all who feel with the doing good paradigm: we create good products, provide good services, work in good conditions, and are striving for good future."
Rok Kokalj, CEO

"I would describe our environment as fun, supportive and full of creative genius. We're always looking for new opportunities and new solutions, which is really super cool. I love the idea that my work is present on the other side of the planet."
Kristijan Sečan, Lead programmer

Come join our team!

Are you a highly driven, passionate developer with ambition to be a leader? We are looking for a head who would dear to reach the dreams!

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