Are you an experienced copywriter who wants be signed on new tasks that will be displayed on the best cruises and in the best hotels around the world and will come from the IT fields?  The opportunity to get to know the newly created and superb story of a company that has just experienced a breakpoint is ahead of you, take advantage of it.

We are looking someone, who would like to share our story in a broad world. Someone with empathy and knowledge how to persuade readers and offer them added value on your own and creative way. You, who love to create and edit text,  you, who is ready for new challenges and want to achieve a new win every day. We make sure, that stock of motivation is always full. :)

What we offer?

  • A a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of working with a company that has just reached a breakpoint
  • Work in the industry of the future with a global presence
  • Improving skills through the full range of marketing activities
  • Interesting, fun, organized environment and nice colleagues
  • Work in a relaxed environment that promotes personal growth, development and education
  • Project cooperation with good pay and the possibility of long-term cooperation

Knowledge and skills we are looking for?

  • Rich experience in writing texts in English
  • Writing accuracy
  • Creativity
  • The desire to read and learn about hotel, maritime, aviation (...) industry
  • Consistency and compliance with agreed deadlines
  • At least a little knowledge of the IT area is desirable

What's waiting for you with us?

  • Breathe and create in the background of our new generation IPTV platform
  • Creation of all kinds of marketing materials (analogue and digital)
  • Thinking and developing new ideas at meetings and brainstorming

Are you the right person for us?

Do you believe that you have the knowledge and qualities we are searching for? Would you like your work to be visible to overseas cruise liners, luxury hotels, international airports and even hospitals?

If your answer is yes, leave us a message at bkeb/opwblAofwspo/tj and tell us, why would you like to join our team, what excites you and how you can contribute to the growth of our organization.

About Nevron

Nevron is a successful worldwide IPTV provider with 20 years of experience in developing complex IPTV products. We are present around the globe, managing IPTV technologies and realizing reliable, innovative and attractive solutions of interactive services through TV screens and other user interface devices. Our work is exploratory, creative and exciting; we provide our customers pleasure, comfort and entertainment, but also collaboration and social connectivity. We shift boundaries of IPTV technologies into the new spheres of usefuleness. Last but not least, Nevron is an excellent environment for all who feel with the doing good paradigm: we create good products, provide good services, work in good conditions, and are striving for good future.

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