Are you unafraid to push forward projects and implement new techniques and new technologies? Are you stuffed full with ideas, which you’re thrilled to put into practice? We’re the place where a talented developer can feel unleashed to create top level deliverables! Make your lifetime choice and let your dreams happen now!

We are looking for new superstars with creative problem solving skills and a thirst for knowledge. Join our dream team and move IPTV/OTT solutions to new dimensions as:

  • frontend developer,
  • backend developer,
  • fullstack developer.

What you offer

We expect you to have excellent knowledge:

  • HTML
  • CSS (Bootstrap)
  • JS or TS (Vue.js)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Git experiance
  • API REST experiance

What you'll do

  • Breathe life into backend of our new generation IPTV platform.
  • Collaborate with our team at designing functionalities.
  • Face challenges of optimisation.
  • Have great ideas at team meetings and brainstormings.

What you offer

  • Strong professional experience with JavaScript.
  • Experience with REST and understanding of GIT.
  • Experience with Linux.
  • Creative problem solving skills and a thirst for knowledge.
  • Great attention to detail, curiosity, energy.
  • Good English language skills.

What we offer

  • Work in the industry of the future with global presence.
  • Never boring and never ending sparkling of your mind-galaxies: IPTV is exciting and creative.
  • A hard-driving, fun and caring environment. Cool colleagues to work and have fun with.
  • Good vibes, mission and vison; we don’t know the word impossible, out-of-the-box dreamers warmly welcome.
  • It’s all about flexibility; flexible work hours and a flexible career. We will reward you for your contributions over the long term.
  • Full-time employment for an indefinite period of time, with a six-month probationary period.
  • Competitive salary based on your experience

Apply for a job

We are looking for people willing to learn and wishing to grow in the global environment. Would you have your work sail overseas, host in luxury hotels and help in hospitals? If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Just send your application to pggjdfAofwspo/tj and write something about your jorney so far, what inspires you and why you are motivated to join our team.

About Nevron

Nevron is a successful worldwide IPTV provider with 20 years of experience in developing complex IPTV products. We are present around the globe, managing IPTV technologies and realizing reliable, innovative and attractive solutions of interactive services through TV screens and other user interface devices. Our work is exploratory, creative and exciting; we provide our customers pleasure, comfort and entertainment, but also collaboration and social connectivity. We shift boundaries of IPTV technologies into the new spheres of usefuleness. Last but not least, Nevron is an excellent environment for all who feel with the doing good paradigm: we create good products, provide good services, work in good conditions, and are striving for good future.

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