The IPTV Business Partnership Programme

PartnershipNevron has established a worldwide network of reliable and efficient IPTV business partners as distributors, resellers and integrators. Nevron is continuously spreading its IPTV distribution network to bring its innovative IPTV products as close as possible to the customers on the regional and even local levels.


Lifetime IPTV Expert Companion

Existing business partners and customers don't treat us as an average technology provider, but more as their skilled IPTV companion during realization of their IPTV projects. You can become one of them too. Our mission is to treat each partner or customer as our companion for life and we are trying to support each of them to reach their and their clients unique goals

Nevron Business Partnership Programm

Since Nevron values partnership greatly, it introduced its own BPP (Business Partnership Programme) in order to establish and maintain a chain of the most effective, motivated, satisfied and highly skilled business partners that represent, resell and integrate Nevron IPTV products on the worldwide markets.

Becoming a part of Nevron BPP gives a partner access to the most intense support, training, materials, direct business opportunities, special deals and access to various tools and instruments that help boost sales related to Nevron IPTV products.

With the BPP, Nevron establishes a great foundation for a long lasting and most respective network of companies, aiming not just to create profit but also to perform services and provide products that are really beneficial to the end customers. Only win-win relationships can last for decades and grow without frontiers.

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