Audio/Video Streaming Products

Streamron audio/video streaming products represent a state-of-the art platform for delivering IP-based audio and video streams along with other content on TV screens. Streamron is built on top of the Linux OS.

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway

    Streamron IPTV Gateway 

    Receives live TV and radio channels and transmits them over the IP network. Learn more

  • Streamron IPTV VOD

    Streamron IPTV VOD

    Provides access to on-demand audio and video content and its distribution over the IP network. Learn more

  • Streamron Hybrid

    Streamron Hybrid

    Enables the distribution of on-demand and live audio/video content over the IP network. It incorporates all the functions of IPTV Gateway and IPTV VOD in one and the same product. Learn more


Top Streaming Capabilities

The specially designed Streamron architecture and algorithms enable the most efficient transmission of audio/video content over IP networks, even on low-specification hardware platforms.

Multicast, Unicast and HTTP Progressive Streaming

Streamron live streaming technology transmits various audio/video live feeds and/or pre-recorded audio/video files over IP network using multicast or unicast techniques.

Essential Features

Content delivery algorithms, web management, monitoring and API support for integration with 3rd party solutions are standard features of Streamron live audio/video streaming products.

Areas of Use

As an indispensable part of any IPTV ecosystem, Streamron products are ideal for integrating with 3rd party IPTV middleware, digital signage, surveillance or any other audio/video-based technologies or projects developed or constructed by telecommunication (Telco) and TV operators, ISP providers, OTT developers, system integrators, advertising providers, surveillance or any other providers of audio/video based IP services.

Nevron A/V Streaming Products

Streamron IPTV streaming technology is available in various IPTV video streaming products, each designed for different usage purposes. The core Nevron IPTV audio/video streaming products are the Streamron DVB to IP Gateway for live streaming (live feeds) and Streamron IPTV VOD for pre-recorded nVOD and VOD – video on demand file streaming.

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