DVB-CT tuner card – All-in-One DVB-C and DVB-T Tuner Card

The DVB-T tuner card or DVB-C tuner card enables the reception of HDTV audio and video signal from digital cable and digital terrestrial transmitters. Digital Devices GmbH provides a range of high quality DVB-C or DVB-T tuner cards and their accompanying accessories.

DVB-CT tuner card

Special Technical Features

  • single or double tuner on one card with an ultra-low profile
  • designed for PCIe* socket and mini PCIe socket (*Express)
  • PCIe x16 and x1 compatible
  • integrated or separated bridge modules for insertion into PCIe or mini PCIe sockets
  • designed for flat cases, no riser cards needed
  • expandability for CI modules and additional tuner modules
  • expandable up to 8 tuners
  • MTD - Multi Transponder Secryption (up to 4 channels simultaneously)
  • CI cascading (enables the connection of more than one CI)

Digital Devices' DVB-C and DVB-T tuner cards are designed and produced in Germany. These cards perfectly match the DVB Gateway "Streamron IPTV Gateway".

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