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Powered by Nevron's cutting edge IPTV middleware technology "Axon", Nevron is offering a range of IPTV products, which bring an amazing interactive TV experience to users ranging from hotel guests to residents in their homes. Flexibility, modularity, expansibility and high performance capabilities are just some of the characteristics of Nevron connected TV technology. The Axon IPTV middleware head-end is built on top of the Linux OS.

Fast, reliable and innovative Nevron IPTV middleware products enable the delivery of the most attractive entertainment, information and communication services to TV viewers. Until recently, TV users have only been passive viewers but with the introduction of smart TV technologies these viewers are becoming active, more deeply engaged with access to many of the most popular web services in a form of IPTV services.

  • Nevron Hospitality TV - STB Solution

    Nevron Hospitality TV - STB Solution

    A first-class IPTV solution for entertainment, connective and informative services accessible on TV screens in hotels, hospitals, ships and other hospitality businesses. 

  • Nevron Hospitality TV - Smart TV Solution

    Nevron Hospitality TV - Smart TV Solution

    A first-class IPTV solution for entertainment, connective and informative services accessible on TV screens in hotels, hospitals, ships and other hospitality businesses.

  • ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV

    ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV

    A specially designed IPTV solution for smaller hospitality projects, where all the vital IPTV components are assembled into one server.

  • Nevron Channel Navigator

    Nevron Channel Navigator

    A simplified version of the Axon middleware, with the functionality limited to navigation and access to live TV and radio channels.

  • Nevron IPTV Cloud

    Nevron IPTV Cloud

    Enables the establishment of a centralized IPTV platform for serving more hospitality clients from a single IPTV head-end system.


IPTV/OTT Applications and Services

The Nevron Axon smart TV technology provides a wide range of IPTV applications and widgets, which are available over an IPTV portal and accessible on TV displays. The best known Nevron IPTV middleware applications are TV, PayTV, VOD, JukeBox, Games, Info portal, Messaging, TV shop, TV catalogue, iptv internet browsing and access to the web’s most popular services such as YouTube, FaceBook, Flicker or Twitter.

" Support of both, IPTV and OTT services. "

One of the most popular options for connected TV users is ability for direct involvement in the live IPTV channel (show, event, etc.), represented as interaction with other viewers of the same TV show/event using social IPTV services.

Easy Customization and Upgrades

The Nevron Axon connected TV technology is constructed so that it can be easily upgraded with additional IPTV applications. Our rich library of existing IPTV apps is continuously supplemented with new ones. Nevron even allows the customization of these apps according to special customer requirements. Nevron is also open to the development of totally new IPTV apps on the customer’s request.

STB/TV BOX Support

Nevron’s smart TV technology supports various set-top-boxes, either stand-alone or integrated into the TV display, starting with the range of Amino hospitality STBs. Nevron has also introduced its own most advanced Android-based set-top-box for the most affordable price. The FaSTBox Android-based TV Box (set-up-box) combine the advantages of Android web connectivity and the accessibility of all the most popular web services and the advantages of standard set-top-boxes such as fast and powerful hardware video coding on its chipset.

Industries that fit the Technology

Nevron IPTV middleware products are optimized for various industries, such as:

  • accommodation industry: hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas;
  • maritime industry: cargo ships, cruise ships, river ships, oil rigs or ferryboats;
  • healthcare industry: hospitals, retirement homes, dorms and other medical facilities;
  • educational industry: dorms, faculties and other training facilities;
  • residential industry: home users, with IPTV systems run by telco, cable operators or ISP providers;
  • the business sector: companies, insurance institutions, banks and other business facilities;
  • other clientele such as government facilities for example.

Nevron IPTV Middleware Technology Products

Nevron IPTV middleware products differ by their purpose of usage, set of selected IPTV apps and by the type of IPTV system setup which can be local or cloud-based. Any of these products are available as standalone devices (hardware + software) or as a software package alone.

" Nevron IPTV middleware products are also available as SOFTWARE editions. "

The core Nevron IPTV middleware products are Streamron Nevron Hospitality TV for live tv streaming (live feeds) and ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV for pre-recorded nVOD and VOD - video on demand file streaming

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