Nevron Hospitality TV - STB Solution

Nevron Hospitality TVNevron Hospitality TV represents a first-class IPTV solution responding to the needs of the ever more demanding hospitality market and fast changing TV industry. With its innovative IPTV technologies, Nevron is bringing an amazing interactive TV experience to TV users such as hotel guests.

" Provide entertainment, communication and informative services for your guests / users. "

The Nevron Hospitality TV solution represents a fast, reliable and innovative system that provides entertainment, communication and information TV services in one, easy to use package. The Nevron IPTV system supports an extensive selection of TV apps that enable a range of interactive IPTV services that are necessary to increase the satisfaction of guests/users, enhance profits and reduce operational expenses.

Attractive Hotel TV Services

Access to terrestrial, cable or satellite hotel TV and radio channels, VOD - video on demand, Jukebox, PayTV, Games, an Internal portal, TV shop, Welcome messages/videos, Viewing bills, WEB access on TV and OTT services such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook are just some of the IPTV applications (apps) and widgets.

" Increase the comfort and satisfaction of your guests / users and enhance income. "

All of these TV apps are very engaging and simple to use, while many of them support discreet on-TV-screen promotions for provider/hotel services (wellness, events, casinos, etc). The IPTV hotel guest portal is available in more than 10 languages and the free localization of additional languages is available.

3rd Party Systems; LAN or Coax

Nevron Hospitality TV is composed of various IPTV technologies and could be easily integrated with 3rd party systems such as HIS (Hotel Information System), PMS (Property Management System), billing systems or CDN systems. Furthermore, it can be implemented for various types of network infrastructure, such as cat, coax or fibre-based networks.

Industries that Fit the Product

Nevron provides a hospitality IPTV system that can be easily adapted for various hospitality industries. Hotel streaming TV, hotel VOD or hotel pay TV services accommodate hotel IPTV systems. Nevron supports many different hospitality industries:

  • accommodation industry: hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas;
  • maritime industry: cargo ships, cruise ships, river ships, oil rigs or ferryboats;
  • healthcare industry: hospitals, retirement homes, dorms and other medical facilities;
  • educational industry: dorms, faculties and other training facilities;
  • residential industry: home users, with IPTV systems run by telco, cable operators or ISP providers.

All the Essential IPTV Components in One Place

Based on its intense development, Nevron provides all the most essential IPTV component for establishing a complete IPTV system: Streamron IPTV Gateway software, Streamron IPTV VOD software and Axon software (Nevron IPTV Middleware), as well as a FaSTBox, Android-based set-top-box. All these components are optimally integrated into the most effective interactive TV system for hotel TV and other industries.

" A SOFTWARE edition of Nevron Hospitality TV is also available. "

Software is installed on off-the shelf server hardware or can be delivered as a SOFTWARE only edition, which can be simply installed and configured remotely.

STB/TV BOX Support

Nevron Hospitality TV runs on a FaSTBox Android-based TV Box (set-up-box), which assures the best video quality and access to all the most popular web services at the same time. Nevron also supports other types of set-top-boxes (Amino for example). Despite supporting OTT services, FaSTBox provides top Quality of Service – e.g. video quality.

" Support for powerful and affordable Android-based set-top-boxes. "

Request Options

Nevron IPTV experts will professionally help you design an IPTV system for your hospitality project requirements.

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You can also apply for a DEMO Kit of the Nevron Hospitality TV and evaluate its most powerful and highly attractive features.

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The significant diversity of entertainment, informative and communication services of the Nevron Hospitality TV solution turns passive TV usage into a first-rate virtual experience.

Nevron IPTV Middleware supports an extensive selection of attractive IPTV apps, which provide services on TV, that are necessary for increasing the satisfaction of IPTV portal users/guests, making profit and reducing provider's operational expenses.

All Nevron IPTV services are available through IPTV apps, accessible through a fast, easy to use and very intuitive TV user interface (GUI), which is controlled by a TV remote. Nevron supports the use of various remote controls, from those with just a few buttons to those with complete mini keyboards.

Channel Navigator

Channel Navigator

An IPTV app that allows you to watch television and listen to radio channels on the TV screen, received from A/V sources such as cable, terrestrial and satellite receivers. It also allows guests to navigate between the available TV and radio channels or access to TV Guide (EPG) information. The channel lists and EPG can be personalized, which displays TV channels in the guests' language at the top of the channel navigation menu. Channel Navigator can be purchased as a standalone solution.

Promotional Channel

Any kind of private TV or radio channel (entertainment, informative or promotional) can be created and distributed to the room’s TV screens or to any other location such as reception desk, bars, etc. In most cases, the INFO channel is used for the promotion of in-house services and special offers.

VOD - Video on Demand

VOD - Video on Demand

Movie rentals and other video recordings are available based on the VOD app. Video content is available 24 hours a day, and can be accessed free or for a fee. Video upload can be done automatically through the CDN networks or using the manual content import tool. Hotel VOD services is one of most common of the IPTV system's revenue streams. A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.

AOD – JukeBox

Audio on demand allows free or paying access to the available music library. Like video, music can be uploaded automatically through the CDN networks or using the manual content import tool. A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.


Access to any TV or radio channel can be made payable, which means users have to pay for access to a specific channel. Payment types are set manually and in custom varieties. Hotel Pay TV was one of the most popular services before the introduction of IPTV systems with their rich selection of available IPTV apps. A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.



Guests and users of other establishments can have fun choosing from the selection of games provided by the Nevron Hospitality TV solution. Transform your hotel room or any other facility into a game room. A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.

OTT Services

Based on the Nevron IPTV head-end and Nevron STB, which runs on Android OS, users of the Nevron IPTV Portal can simply access many of the most popular web services, known as OTT services. The best known ones are the popular Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Picassa, Google Maps and many other Over-The-Top services. When choosing Nevron IPTV technologies, no additional investment in an IPTV head-end will be required for making OTT services available to TV users/guests.

Virtual Catalogue

Based on this IPTV module, the service provider can establish one or more catalogues to promote any kind of products and services. Hotels, for example, could promote and list products in theirs gift shop and present them to their guests on the TV screens in all the hotel rooms. Any other offer can be listed in a catalogue, from spa services, local travel arrangements or room services. The catalogue itself can be used to present any product or service and also inform the buyer how and where to pay for or get the item.

Virtual Shop

Virtual Shop

The Virtual shop module is an upgraded version of the catalogue, which is not just meant for promotion and presentation purposes, but also for direct payments and reservations from the TV (hotel room for example). A PMS connection is required for charging purposes.

Room Services

The promotion of available in-room services, such as refilling the room bar, laundry services, meals or drink deliveries or any other similar service that can be performed in-room or to ensure a comfortable stay. Services are not just promoted using this IPTV service, it also supports immediate orders.

Hotel Services

Hotel Services

The most important feature for hotels, designed to promote and make reservations for existing hotel services, ranging from massages, saunas, beauty services, sports facilities, restaurant and bar facilities, to city and other sight-seeing tours or any other organized event. Promotion of hotel services enriches the guests’ experiences, lets people know about the hotel offer and also boosts the hotel income. A PMS connection is required for charging and/or reservation purposes.

Web Browsing

Internet access on the TV screen is an ever more important feature for most guests. Today, technologies enable smooth web browsing on TV with the usage of a wireless keyboard and special remotes. For hotels, the most searched-for information is tourism, weather or transportation oriented. The Nevron IPTV solution offers complete control over website accessibility, meaning that users/guests can get full access to all websites on the TV screen or limited access to just a few of them.


Using the Nevron Hospitality TV solution, users/guests can send e-mail messages using a specially designed interactive form on the TV screen or can access their public e-mail account and use it in its full functionality. To simplify the usage of e-mail, a wireless keyboard should be available to the users/guests.


A special TV app allowing guests to easily send greeting e-cards to their family or friends via e–mail. A few data has to be entered on the TV screen, a picture from the existing library has to be chosen and the e-card is ready to be sent with the click of a button.

Messaging System

The ability to send direct messages from the reception desk (IPTV administration console) to the TV screens of the guest rooms. Direct messages that appear on guest's TV screens, can be sent to one or a group of TV screens. Guests can even send messages between rooms.

INFO Centre

A very important service for any guest is access to all the most relevant information regarding their stay. Hotel information such as opening hours, eating hours, important phone numbers, etc.. Also relevant is town information, travel options, sightseeing options, city map availability, airport and other transportation information.

News Centre


According to research, quick access to the most relevant and up to date local or world news is also one of the most popular IPTV services. Weather forecasts especially should be as exposed as possible. Nevron Hospitality TV provides a special interface for quick access to automatically updated news using RSS functionality. The user/guest can also search the web and find relevant news, which of course takes a bit more time.

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Guests can get a warm welcome message or video displayed on the TV screen in their own language when they enter the room for the first time. The Nevron IPTV Hospitality solution supports various welcoming screen templates. The Nevron IPTV system must be integrated with the PMS (Property Management System), usually based on the Micros Fidelio connectivity standard, in order to welcome guest with their real name.


ViewBIll allows guests to inspect their hotel expenditures at any time on the TVs of their rooms. ViewBill requires connection with the hotel PMS system in order to provide up to the minute expenditure information.

Wakeup Widget

Allows guests to set their wake-up times using the TVs in their rooms.

World Clock Widget

Display different clock times for the biggest cities around the world.

Sleep Mode Widget

Can be setup to put the TV into sleep mode at the desired time.

Express Checkout

Allows guests to use express checkout. Using this function, invoices should already waiting for the guest at the reception desk.

Parental Control

The KidsLock function requires a password from the users/guests to access certain IPTV portal services and content.

Guest Survey

This option allows users/guests to complete questionnaires about their stay for example. Any kind of questionnaires can be constructed and published on the portal.

Alarm System

The Nevron IPTV system can be connected to the hotel security system as well. In the case of evacuation, an alarm message is displayed on all TV screens.

Butler Call

With click of a button on the IPTV portal, a request is sent to the butler to come to the guest's room as soon as possible.

Maintenance Request

A special request form on the TV screen allowing a problem in the room to be reported to the reception desk with a request for maintenance. For example, such maintenance can be requested for air-conditioning, heating or electricity problems.

User Guide

The IPTV portal user guide, available on the TV screen at any time. The guide is accessible with the click of a button on the remote control. The most essential user guides are always visible at the bottom of the IPTV portal and are related to the page displayed.


Part of the Nevron IPTV Middleware is the so-called Housekeeper. Cleaning and maintenance staff can track the status of the Minibar and requested/performed cleaning/maintenance services in the room, using the special maintenance GUI on TV screens and remote control. All information is sent directly to the service department or reception desk.

Nevron Digital Signage

Nevron Digital Signage is an independent module of Nevron IPTV Middleware. It allows the management and display of promotional, entertainment or informative video content on the TV screens in any public place for particular customers. In hotels, such public places could be the reception, bars, corridors or meeting areas. The displayed content could be scheduled, grouped per particular TV screens and composed of video, pictures and text elements.

You are invited to request more information about Nevron Hospitality TV.

A Rich Library of IPTV Apps

Nevron IPTV Middleware technology supports numerous IPTV apps, accessible via the Nevron TV portal. Our rich library of existing IPTV apps is continuously upgraded with new ones. There are also customization options available for all IPTV portal apps according to customer or project requirements and requests.

A Fast, Attractive and Simple User Interface

Nevron invested considerable effort into creating an intuitive and enjoyable user experience when using the IPTV portal, with navigation in most cases depending on remote controls. In contrast, using many existing IPTV solutions could be a very unpleasant experience, mostly because of slow TV portal response times and non-intuitive user interfaces. Transitioning guests don't have time to learn how to use the IPTV portal, which makes an intuitive GUI essential and where the user experience is the same for all the available IPTV portal apps.

HD Quality

HD video and GUI quality are already standard for most IPTV middleware technologies, which also have highly efficient HW, built in set-top-boxes or directly in TV's.

Electronic Program Guide - EPG

EPG (Electronic Program Guide) functionality provides information for TV, radio, nVOD and other media applications with scheduling and other channel information. EPG information can be grabbed directly from the channel source or can be inserted manually.

High Modularity

With the wide range of IPTV apps available, modularity also needed to be enabled. Nevron IPTV Middleware supports the easy activation or deactivation and configuration of available IPTV portal apps. Based on highly modular technology, each IPTV project can be adjusted and customized precisely according to the needs and requirements.

Customizable User Interface

Nevron IPTV middleware is constructed to support unlimited IPTV portal GUIs (graphical user interfaces), which can be switched with a few clicks of a button. Changing not only the logo and background colours, but the whole GUI logic can be done quickly and according to the customer’s needs or requests. Any customization will preserve all the functionalities such as fast GUI response times or top ergonomic characteristics.

Multilingual Navigation

Nevron IPTV portal navigation is available in more than ten (10) languages. All additional language support is provided free of charge, which means Nevron provides FREE localization of the IPTV GUI interface if the requested language is not available.

Android STB/TV Box Client

The latest Nevron IPTV portal is built on top of the Android OS, which is installed as a client on each Nevron FaSTBox Android set-top-box. An Android-based TV portal allows extremely fast GUI response times, the most attractive look and feel and a wide variety of OTT services, like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Even the on-screen display (OSD) can be presented in countless variations. The Nevron Hospitality TV solution supports FaSTBox and many other set-top-boxes, such as the Amino H140.

HW Supported Video Coding

Due to its HW video decoders, Nevron STBs produce a high quality picture for IGMP/RTP multicast and RTSP unicast video streams.

PMS Connectivity

The full functionality of many IPTV portal apps is achieved with integration of IPTV middleware and the so-called Property Management System – PMS. Among others, Nevron IPTV Middleware supports full connectivity with the most common standard for exchanging of data using PMS, called Micros-Fidelio. Based on connectivity with the PMS, various kinds of information can be exchanged between systems, messages can flow from one system to another or billing and reservation functionalities can be activated. The Nevron IPTV middleware platform also supports simple integration with any additional third party PMS.

CDN and Other 3rd Party Interoperability

Nevron IPTV Middleware supports a wide range of possibilities for integration with 3rd party systems such as Content Delivery Networks - CDN networks, billings solutions, reservation solutions and other system platforms.

IP over COAX

As well as fibre or CAT 5/6 cables, coax can also serve as a network for establishing the Nevron Hospitality TV solution. Special RF modulated signal injectors need to be used to deliver IPTV services to a group of rooms for that purpose, which are still cheaper than building a new Ethernet cabling system if a coax network already exists.

Software ONLY Edition

Nevron has two options for delivering its Hospitality TV solution. The first one is the delivery of a physical server with all the required hardware and software components, which simply need to be plugged into the system and be configured. The other option is the delivery of the standalone SOFTWARE ONLY edition. The software ONLY option allows rapid product delivery while installation and configuration can be done easily and remotely. The Nevron Hospitality TV solution supports off-the-shelf servers that can be purchased on the customer's or Nevron partner's local market.

VIRTUAL Servers for IPTV in a Cloud

Special care is given to virtual servers, where Nevron IPTV Middleware can operate with the same efficiency as when installed on classical servers. Installation on virtual servers is most common when setting up so-called iptv cloud installations, where all the IPTV apps are only accessible remotely on central servers or "in the cloud".

Support for Various Remote Controls

Nevron IPTV Middleware supports portal control by various remote controls, ranging from the most basic with just a few buttons to remotes with full keyboard buttons and functionalities. The best remote is defined according to the customer budget availability and the project or customer requirements.

Simple and Fast System Integration

Nevron Hospitality TV is very simple to implement into a customer’s environment, even if there are many end points (hotel rooms for example). Beside the many automated "plug and play" configuration procedures, there is also a special feature available that saves a lot of integration time. It is called "STB plug and play". This means that each STB is automatically configured by the system just right after it is physically connected to the system. It takes a lot of time for STB configuration when performed manually.

Remote Management

A user-friendly web-based management console enables remote system administration, configuration and portal content management. The management console could also be defined as a Content Management System for content and apps management for interactive TV portals. The Nevron management console is secure and also allows you to outsource administration to your preferred services providers in order to minimize costs and human errors.

You are invited to request more information about Nevron Hospitality TV.

Nevron Hospitality TV System Architecture

Nevron Hospitality TV System Architecture

The architecture of any IPTV system is complex and composed of many different components from various providers. Even for the smallest IPTV projects, many of these components have to be taken into consideration. The Nevron IPTV software is just one of these components, but can't be missed out, as most of the other components can. A typical IPTV system, based on a Nevron IPTV platform, is composed of the following building blocks:

  • Streamron IPTV Gateway SW,
  • Streamron IPTV VOD SW,
  • Nevron IPTV Middleware SW,
  • physical network servers, A/V tuner cards and other IPTV head-end HW equipment,
  • STBs - set-top-boxes,
  • TV screens,
  • Web-based management console,
  • satellite head-end and other terrestrial or cable receivers;
  • content aggregators (movies, music, games, etc..);
  • Property Management Systems – PMS, Content Delivery Networks – CDN and other 3rd party systems;
  • network infrastructure (switches, etc.).

You are invited to request more information about Nevron Hospitality TV.

Some of our references

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    Europe, sailing on rivers such as the
    Danube, Rhine, Main, Moselle,
    Seine and Rhone.
  • Hoi An Historic Hotel Hoi An Historic Hotel****
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  • Hotel Golte Hotel Golte****
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  • Hotel Jarun Hotel Jarun***
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  • Planja Hotel Planja Hotel****
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  • Dobrava 2000 Dobrava 2000****
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  • Hotel Atrij Superior Hotel Atrij Superior****
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  • Ambient Hotel Ambient Hotel***
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  • Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel 5* Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel 5*
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  • Golden Bean Hotel Golden Bean Hotel
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  • Sun City Sun City
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  • HMP Grampian Prison HMP Grampian Prison
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  • Jakarta Metropolitan Police HQ (POLDA Metro Jaya) Jakarta Metropolitan Police HQ (POLDA Metro Jaya)
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Simama Hotel**** Simama Hotel****
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  • Nox Hotel**** Nox Hotel****
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • deLMango Villa Estate**** deLMango Villa Estate****
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  • Hotel9**** Hotel9****
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  • Grand Hotel Praha**** Grand Hotel Praha****
    Prague: Czech Republic
  • Hotel Novotel Danang Premier Han River**** Hotel Novotel Danang Premier Han River****
    Danang, Vietnam
  • Golden Palace Hotel***** Golden Palace Hotel*****
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You are invited to request more information about Nevron Hospitality TV.

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