Nevron Cloud IPTV platform

Nevron IPTV CloudThe Nevron IPTV Cloud represents state-of-the-art technology for establishing a centralized IPTV platform. Along with home users, the Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is especially designed for B2B clients, such as hotels, hospitals or apartment surroundings, to get access to IPTV services run by operators from remote locations.

" Hotels can avoid purchase and maintenance costs for server-side equipment. "

Operators of the centralized Nevron IPTV platform provide cloud-based IPTV services to their B2B clients rather than IPTV products themselves. On the other hand, B2B clients can avoid purchase and maintenance costs of their own IPTV headend equipment and at the same time provide the end-users - e.g. hotel guests, with IPTV services that are accessible over a fast bandwidth network and charged for by operators using subscription business models.

Client Identity Remains Unique

Despite the IPTV services running in a cloud, each hotel, hospital or any other client preserves its own identity. This means that for each client, hotel or hospital for example, a unique profile is created and configured according to its needs. The TV portal design, access rights, list of available IPTV services or advertising campaigns of native client services are entirely adjusted to the specific client.

" Operators can provide financially affordable IPTV services for hotels and other B2B clients. "

Top Technical Features

The Nevron IPTV Cloud is a top scalable and modular platform with premium performance capabilities, which can scale up to handle many hundreds of thousands of subscribers, independently of the number of sub-operators and can handle multiple Gigabits of traffic ( N x 10 GigE).

The Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is designed to be run by telecom, cable and other IPTV, ISP or OTT operators who can assure QoS (Quality of Services), which is highly important for B2B clients of IPTV services.

Top Benefits

Along with investment and maintenance cost optimization when serving multiple locations with IPTV platform services, some other benefits arise from the centralization of the whole IPTV operation.

Configurations for many IPTV platformservice features could be done once at a central location instead of separately for each location. An example of this kind of configuration is the modification of existing TV channel scheme.

Furthermore, troubleshooting on the IPTV head-end is handled from a single location and redundancy equipment is also only needed at the central location.

The Main Technologies Used

The TV Cloud technology provided by Nevron is composed of the Streamron IPTV Gateway, Streamron IPTV VOD and Axon (Nevron IPTV Middleware), specially configured to run on a centralized hardware platform, including server blades to achieve the maximum efficiency within a limited space.

Request Options

Nevron IPTV platform experts will professionally help you to design a Nevron IPTV Cloud platform to fit your project requirements. You are invited to apply for free IPTV Project Consultation.

You are also invited to request more information about the Nevron IPTV Cloud.

Nevron IPTV Cloud System Architecture

Nevron IPTV Cloud System Architecture

You are invited to request more information about the Nevron Cloud IPTV platform.

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