ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV – IPTV server & software for small hotels

Nevron Hospitality TVNevron has designed a superior, fast, reliable and innovative ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, which is specially adapted for smaller IPTV projects, such as hotels with up to 50, 30, 20 or even just 10 rooms. For the ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, all the required Nevron TV technologies are assembled into one, easy to use IPTV server.

" ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV is especially designed for smaller iptv projects/hotels. "

Nevertheless the Streamron IPTV Gateway software, Streamron IPTV VOD software and Nevron IPTV Middleware software are assembled into one physical server and all the fully functional IPTV technologies are available on it, just like those used for large IPTV projects. All Nevron IPTV apps are available, supporting and promoting internal hotel services (hotel vod or Pay TV services as part of hotel TV system) and the most popular web based OTT services (YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook).

Let Your SMALL Hotel Become BIG

Making an IPTV system affordable for small projects allows SMALLER hotels to become BIG. Smaller hotels don't usually provide many additional hotel services, which could bring the benefit of some extra income. But with the introduction of an IPTV system, they CAN provide guests with additional comfort and satisfaction, based on informative or entertainment services available on in-room TV screens. With use of the available and easy to use IPTV tools, smaller hotels can benefit even more by promoting services, events and other tourist attractions in their neighbourhood, which can again result in even greater guest satisfaction and increase both the hotel’s and local business's income and wealth.

" Engage neighbourhood attractions as hotel features. "

With the ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, access to entertainment, information and connectivity services is now available for any small IPTV project across many industries, from accommodation (hoteltv, boutique hotels, resorts, apartments, etc.), maritime (cargo, cruise ships, etc.) and healthcare (hospitals, etc.) to the educational industry (dorms, etc.).

ALL IPTV Software, All IPTV Hardware and All Know-How and Support Services for an Affordable Price

The ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution is available for an affordable price. It can be delivered as a standalone hardware solution with all the dedicated hardware components or as a SOFTWARE only edition.

" Get IPTV equipment, software, training, know-how and support for a special price! "

Simple Installation

But this solution is not only attractive because of its price – it is also attractive for its simplicity and reliability. All the delivered software and hardware components can be easily assembled with no special IT skills required. With average IT skills, the whole system could be integrated by the customer itself or one of its local IT providers. For that reason, the ALL-IN-ONE solution is delivered with most of equipment pre-configured, an integration manual and instant remote support for Nevron’s technical experts, which will remotely supervise the integration of the Nevron IPTV equipment during the IPTV project’s execution.

Request Options

To get a cost outline based on the Nevron ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, please provide us with your IPTV project specifications. You are invited to apply for free IPTV Project Consultation.

You can also apply for DEMO Kit of the Nevron Hospitality TV software and evaluate its most powerful and attractive features.

The ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution is composed of all the available Nevron IPTV software, installed on an IPTV server with all the dedicated hardware components.

While all the integrated Nevron IPTV software components are available fully functional, please check their features on theirs dedicated pages:

Along with the required IPTV software and hardware components, any ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV system comes with following services, attached to the products as part of the overall solution:

  • pre-configured components;
  • installation manuals;
  • all the required knowhow;
  • intense technical support during the IPTV project realization;
  • one-year of technical support;
  • one-year hardware warranty.

You are invited to request more information about ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV.

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You are invited to request more information about ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV.

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