Nevron Hospitality TV - Smart TV Solution

Nevron Hospitality TVHighly interactive and intuitive Smart TV portal running on the cutting edge Nevron IPTV Platform and serving the most demanding IPTV projects. It is designed to establish a great relationship between a hotel and its guests, a ship and her passengers, or a hospital and its patients

Smart TV system

Expose the right thing in the right time on the right place

Nevron Smart TV Dashboard is constructed to be fully customised for Customer needs. By size adjusted areas of Dashboard, any kind of entertainment service (e.g. TV, Radio, VOD, Music, Games), any kind of hotel product or service, different third party apps, Nevron services can be exposed, as can shops, room service, settings, etc., even direct products, services, or adverts. All elements of Dashboard are linked directly with the chosen content, service, or app. It can be made more than just Home Dashboard, usually according to certain segments such as entertainment or hotel offerings. There are also available predefined Dashboard templates.

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